Andrew's Story

My name is Andrew.  I am thirteen years old and very tall. I know that I am different from other children but mom says that different is good because we do not all want to be exactly the same. 

Sometimes I really try to talk to other people, but mostly it is difficult.  I do not understand why because I understand myself.  Other people act strangely and I always have to guess what they mean when they talk.  When I want something, I say what I want. 

My favorite place is my room. It is quite and cozy.  I like it best when it is quite, it makes me happy. I love playing computer games with the headphone on.  Then no-one can disturb me.  I like it best when everything happens as it should.  I always wake up at 20 to 6 in the morning.  I go to bed at 8 o clock at night during weekdays.  On Friday and Saturday I am allowed to stay up until 10. 

I keep a diary and write everything that happens during the day in my diary.  I love to write stories and I am a very good reader and speller.  I am always the hero in my stories.  I have many names.  My mom always says that I can be anything that I want to be.  I also love to tell people the stories that I write.

I like to play on my computer, it makes me happy.  I like to play the same games over and over.  My dad and I also watch the same movies over and over.  Mostly my dad falls asleep, but that is OK.  He works very hard to get money so that I can have lots and lots of DVD’s and books and go to school.  I love computer games and learning on the computer.  My dad and I like to watch wrestling.  We do not like to miss it.

I love my mom. She helps me a lot and she hugs and kisses me a lot.  I love to hug and kiss her back. I always go shopping with my mom. We always go to the SPAR, Good For You Store.  I know where everything is.  My mom says I am a great helper.

I love food.  My mom says we must watch my weight.  I also like to help my mom make food.  When we go to the shops we buy lots of recipe books.  I like books and magazines with food in them.

I do not like fashion.  I think it is really silly.  I like my shirts to be red or yellow.  I prefer to wear T-shirts because I get hot quickly. I do not like to wear shoes because shoes put cramps in my toes and it is hard to walk and run if I wear shoes.

I do not like small children, they make to much noise.  I like old people best because they understand me and they are kind.  They do not laugh and make fun of me when I make mistakes.

Some things are easier for me do, but some things are hard.  I do not like to go to church because the music is too loud and there are too many people in the church.  I do not like the sound of machines like the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and my dad’s tools in the garage. I do not like it if people talk to me when I am busy.

I do not like when my hair touch my forehead and  I don’t like to wash my hair.  I like drinking through a straw, but I do not like ice in my cool drink. I do not like the labels of new clothes scratching my skin.  My mom removes them all.  I hate crowds.  I don’t like strangers around me.  "I don't like it when someone moves my things – it makes me feel upset."

Bob Sinclair is my brother.  My parents do not know him.  He sings very well and I can sing just like him. When I am big, I am going to sing just like him. 

At night it is difficult to fall asleep because I think a lot. I worry a lot.  I do not want my mother or father to die.  My two grandmothers died and they planted them in the sand.  My mom says they are in heaven, but I know they can not stand on the clouds; they will fall right through it.