Wendy's Story

Our son was born perfect.  He only cried when hungry or wet. He looked just like our other 4 boys, and did not have any physical handicap.  As a baby we did not notice anything out of the ordinary and up to 18 months he developed normally.  However, as the months passed, we started to notice differences such as the fact that he was late in talking and preferred his own company. 


When he turned 3, he was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. I took him to a doctor for a routine check-up because he had become very aggressive and violent.  My husband thought I was unnecessarily worried. He loved the fact that our son was displaying “manly aggression”

My husband is one of 6 brothers, all big, strong men.  They are constantly in competition with each other.  Every brother’s whole family also forms part of this competition.  No weaknesses or mistakes were tolerated. 

When our son was diagnosed, my husband refused to accept him or his condition and immediately rejected our son.  Our son, not wanting to join in the rowdy sports and adventures with our other 3 boys, was quickly given “nick” names. They teased and roughed him up all the time, trying to "make him a man".    To make a long story short, my husband and I are now divorced and I was awarded sole custody of my autistic son.  He has no contact with his other brothers or father because they do not want to be associated with him.